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Wake Up and Slay Hat


Don the RWBB “Wake Up & Slay” hat and make a statement. It’s more than headwear—it’s a daily battle cry for those who lead with tenacity.

Revamp your morning routine with the ultimate accessory that speaks louder than coffee. The “Wake Up & Slay” hat isn’t just a piece of your wardrobe; it’s a declaration of your daily mission. Crafted for those who greet the sunrise with determination and send the sunset a kiss goodbye after conquering the day.

This isn’t just a trucker hat, it’s your motivational sidekick, your silent cheerleader, the nudge when the snooze button looks tempting. Whether you’re dominating the boardroom, crushing that 5k, or juggling life’s curveballs, this hat stands as a testament to your unstoppable spirit.

With its bold statement, “Wake Up & Slay,” embroidered for the world to see, you’re not just wearing a slogan; you’re embodying an attitude. The adjustable back means comfort meets you exactly where you are, just like your resolve to make every day count.

For $29.99, it’s not just an investment in a hat but an investment in a mindset. Step into your power and let everyone know — you’re here to slay the day, every day.

Woodland Hat

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