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K-Cup Subscription


Join RWBB’s K-Cup subscription to explore bold coffee blends tailored for the conqueror in you. Every cup is a declaration of spirit.

Step aside, average joe—this is coffee for the conquerors. At Red, White, and Badass Brew (RWBB), we deliver a ruthless assault on mediocrity with our line of K-Cups. Each pod is a fortress of flavor, sealed in a disposable plastic container with a built-in filter, ensuring your coffee is not just made but forged in excellence. Ready for a cup that hits as hard as you do? Let’s dive into our armory of top-tier blends crafted for the true coffee warrior.

1. Freedom and Coffee Light Roast

Attack the day with Freedom and Coffee Light Roast. It’s not just light—it’s lightning in a cup. With balanced acidity and a punchy flavor that commands your respect, it’s perfect for those who demand power and finesse.

2. FU California Dark Roast

Throw down the gauntlet with FU California Dark Roast. This isn’t just a coffee; it’s a declaration of independence from the average, the bland, the weak. For the defiant, the strong-willed, and the bold—wake up and taste the battle cry.

3. Just Badass Coffee Medium Roast

Fuel your freedom with Just Badass Coffee Medium Roast. This heart-thumping, engine-revving, flag-flying brew celebrates the indomitable American spirit. If you’re all about living life full-throttle, this is your coffee.

4. Whiskey Business

Rule the morning with Whiskey Business, the top dog of coffee that kicks you into high gear with flavors of whiskey, caramel, and vanilla. It’s for the trailblazers, the pioneers, the ones who lead the pack.

5. Zero Dark Thirty Espresso Roast

Dominate the shadows with Zero Dark Thirty Espresso Roast. This is the espresso that other espressos whisper about in fear. Rich, potent, and uncompromisingly smooth—it’s the espresso of legends.

6. Lifeline Hero Edition Dark Roast

Stand with Giants with Lifeline Hero Edition Dark Roast. This is a salute in a cup to those who live and die by their courage. It’s as robust and resolute as the heroes it honors.

7. MOAB (Mother Of All Brews)

Detonate your taste buds with MOAB, the blend that doesn’t just set the standard—it blows it apart. Chocolate, caramel, and fruit in a cup that’s not just coffee—it’s a revelation.

8. Red, White & Brewed

Command your palate with Red, White & Brewed. It’s more than just a coffee; it’s a declaration of everything bold and smooth. For those who lead, not follow, this is your brew.

9. Vanilla Warfare

Launch a full-scale assault with Vanilla Warfare. Forget what you knew about vanilla—this is the alpha, the omega, the leader of the pack in creamy, nutty coffee dominance.

10. Sleepy Joe Organic Decaf French Roast

Even the mighty rest, and when they do, they choose Sleepy Joe Organic Decaf French Roast. It’s the rich, deep flavor you need without the caffeine kick. Because even heroes need a break.

11. No Lucks Given

Forge your own path with No Lucks Given, the Irish Cream Blend that scoffs at chance. You make your own luck; with this brew, you’ll own the day.

Choose your blend, seize your day, and make every cup a declaration of your indomitable spirit with RWBB. Every sip is not just a taste; it’s a victory.


Zero Dark Thirty, Just Badass Coffee, FU California, Freedom & Coffee, Mother of All Brews (MOAB), Sleepy Joe, Vanilla Warfare, Grenade, No Lucks Given, Red, White & Brewed, Lifeline Hero Edition


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