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FU California


FU California is the bold, dark roast for morning rebels. Defy mediocrity with every sip and kickstart your day with a declaration of independence.

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Need a cup of coffee that matches your level of morning FU attitude? Look no further than FU California – the brew that’s so bold, it makes your ex’s apology seem weak. This coffee isn’t just your typical morning pick-me-up; it’s a liquid declaration of independence against anyone or anything you can’t stand – yes, that includes politicians who mastered the art of talking without saying anything. Take a sip, channel your inner renegade, and let FU California be the liquid middle finger you never knew you needed as you tell Gov. Newsome or any other wise-ass politician that your tolerance level is lower than their approval ratings.

Warning: This may cause increased productivity, decreased tolerance for nonsense, and an unexpected surge in confidence. Drink responsibly and prepare for a day that says, “FU” to mediocrity!

Dark Roast Coffee Full of Badassness

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