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FU California (Subscription)

From: $13.99 every 2 months

Ignite your mornings with FU California Dark Roast Subscription! Bold, defiant, and daring—embrace a coffee that’s as rebellious as you are.


Unleash your morning defiance with FU California Dark Roast, the perfect subscription for those who rebel against the mundane. Each delivery brings this bold dark roast directly to your door, fueling your day with a robust declaration of independence. Perfect for anyone ready to kickstart their day with audacity.

Tasting Notes:

  • Flavor: Intensely bold, this roast carries a rebel spirit in every sip, with deep, dark tones that assert your independence.
  • Aroma: Commanding and rich, designed to wake you and your revolutionary spirit.
  • Finish: Long-lasting and impactful, leaving a trail of heightened confidence and reduced tolerance for mediocrity.

Subscription Benefits:

  • Flexibility: Choose your delivery frequency, size, and grind type.
  • Exclusivity: Gain access to special promotions and early releases only available to subscribers.
  • Convenience: Never run out of your fuel for rebellion—delivered right to your doorstep.

Step up and stand out: FU California isn’t just a coffee; it’s a morning ritual for those who speak their truth and live boldly. Subscribe today and let each cup reinforce your daily resolve to live fiercely.

Join the FU California subscription and boldly declare every morning a revolution!

Bag Size

12 Ounce, 5 Pound


Whole Bean, Ground


30 Days, 60 Days


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